Wednesday, March 21, 2007



As a nieve 21 year old, from Missouri, I moved to Las Vegas. That naivity soon ended, this is a short synopsis of "How!"

After dealing cards for several years, I was in a life-rhreatening car accident. My "near death" experience changed my life.

I went to UNLV, (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), to prepare for law school. I wanted practical experience, so, during my 2ND year of law school, I accepted a position at my adjunct professor's law firm, in El Cajon, California. Little did I know, my life was about to change, DRASTICALLY!


My 1ST lawsuit surfaced. It was a "DES Case," that had, in effect, been decided as a class action case in Federal Court a few months previously.

That Friday afternoon, when I was handed an envelope containing the details of the successful lawsuit, I "WOKE UP." I hope that you will too!


Several of the largest drug companies were trying to gain FDA approval to market this "allegedly natural- abortion" preventative, (to "UNSUSPECTING PEOPLE"). Although turned down TWICE PREVIOUSLY for approval, a committee was formed for, (the evidence showed), one purpose, "GAIN APPROVAL AND GET THE RESEARCH MONEY BACK BY MARKETING, AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE."

The committee intentionally and deliberately held back bad and questionable test results, submitting the results that appeared to be favorable. FDA approval was granted and the product was marketed for around 20 years, until the children of mother's who took the drug, began to show the same symptoms as the "BAD TEST RESULTS" lab animals.

As of this date, most Americans, are unaware of the above atrocity. No one has been prosecuted or convicted of any criminal wrong doing.


Here, (after 20 years as a lymphologist), are some of my suggestions:

1) Always treat your fellow Earth inhabitants with courtesy, compassion and understanding. Life is choices, you want to try to make good ones.

2) As Mark Twain said, "The trouble with people is NOT that they don't know, it's that they "KNOW" so much, that ain't so." Study "cognitive dissidence" and help our world whenever you can.

3) Try to start a conversation, that may turn challenging with "Why they believe ......(their position)......," (which you are usually convinced is false). Remember, the "DES mothers" did not intentionally harm their children, their faith was misplaced.

4) Check new information regularly. Believe in the power of discernment which you have been sent.

5) Encourage everyone sent into your life to listen to the Robert Scott Bell Show, (@ Empower others to adopt Robert's "the power to heal is yours," use it liberally.

6) Replace fear with confidence in your ability and the answer, will be sent, if you are "listening."

7) "NO MATTER WHAT," treat others as you want to be treated, it's likely to be that way soon.

Finally, go where God sends you, and let no one tell you that you "CAN'T LIVE FREE!" It's just that sometimes, as Thomas Jefferson said, "Freedom's not free, sometimes you have to fight for it!"

Steven "CAPTAIN TRUTH" Dempsey